Willi Facen

Born on October 11, 1930 in Zürich

4 semesters study of history of art and archeology at Zürich University
8 semesters at the Zurich University of the Arts (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Prof. Gotthard Jedlicka, Prof. H. Bloesch)
Studies in Vienna and Paris
Zürich: Diploma for teaching in highschools

Member of the Swiss society of painters, sculptors and achitects (visarte)

Since 1967 free use of a studio belonging to the City of Zürich

State scholarships

2018 The Department of Prints and Drawings of the Zentralbibliothek Zurich aquires 187 Works for its collection.

Personal Exhibitions*

Personal exhibitions under the patronage of various Swiss towns


* no sales

Monatshefte zwei Setien 
Schweizer Monatshefte, December 2009 (10 full-page reproductions)

Stories and paintings on Age, Loneliness and Death (Exhibition catalogue) 
Swiss Radio SRF 1990 and 1992, Portrait of the painter Willi Facen - a life dedicated to painting (45 minutes) 
Swiss Television SRF 1994, Video clip of the exhibition in the Town Hall of Zürich 

Swiss Television SRF 1995: "Sternstunde Kunst" (a programme focusing on outstanding artistic and philosophical topics)
Portrait of the painter Willi Facen (30 minutes) 

The Portrait is available in German, French and English (Pal, Secam and NCD)
Film available in the Videotheqque of Kunsthaus Zürich.
(See Videos...)

Noahs Enkel: Facen und seine Vision der Unsterblichkeit
Film by Thomas Wüthrich (2004)
Film available in the Videotheque of Kunsthaus Zürich.
(See Videos...)


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